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Digital Cash

OpenCash supports projects building on the Cashu protocol. We believe that digital cash infrastructure should be free and open-source and accessible to everyone.


Our quest for digital cash

Our mission is to provide sustainable support for free and open-source development of digital cash projects building on the Cashu protocol. Cashu is a Chaumian Ecash protocol that provides a scalable, and efficient, and privacy-respecting digital cash system for Bitcoin and the broader financial ecosystem.

Digital cash will likely play a crucial role in the design of payment infrastructure and other financial services in the future. We therefore believe that the development of these systems should be in the public domain and free to use for everyone. You can learn more about the Cashu protocol here.

Your donation makes a difference

We provide funding to developers through our grants program, and we support the broader Cashu ecosystem through our research and events. All projects that we support are open-source and free to use. Help us provide sustainable support for Cashu projects by donating to our fund. Your donation will be used to support developers, fund research, and organize events.

Our board

The OpenCash Association, based in Switzerland, is governed by a board who have earned a strong reputation in the field of Bitcoin and Chaumian Ecash systems. The key board members' names are not public as a security measure and to preserve their privacy. If you consider sponsoring OpenCash, they can contact you directly to confirm their identities.

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OpenCash Association

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